Willesee Healthcare Newsletter No.6 February 2015


Hi There,

Welcome to our February Newsletter

January started with a buzz this year when we had 24 people show up at our Nutritional cleanse night keen to kick start their year! So many chose to give it a go for a variety of reasons, some eager to drop a few Christmas kilos, some just sick of their energy dragging them down.

How Whey protein can speed up
our metabolism.

I thought I’d base this newsletter on some of the positives of re building your body muscle mass with Whey protein, which we utilize in our nutritional, cleanse program.

Some people with compromised digestive systems may have become sensitive to dairy, usually casein and lactose are bigger irritants; dairy milk has two proteins 80% casein and 20% whey. The whey is not usually as irritating as the casein and lactose, in may cases of sensitive, not allergic people, having the whey protein can be seen to stabilize, alkalize and rebuild compromised digestive systems, they can function more effectively and repair themselves.

shake loss 2


  • Increase Muscle mass and strength
  • Decreases high Blood pressure
  • Can help balance blood sugar issues with increased cysteine and glutathione
  • Decreases mood swings and insomnia issues as amino acids from the whey can start re build of hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Metabolism increases as more muscle mass develops, fat may be more effectively burnt

We have more Nutritional cleanse nights planned to be every few months, join us if you missed our last one and you wish to clean up your body to feel more energy and function more efficiently at burning fat to fuel your life!