Willesee Healthcare Newsletter No.5 December 2014


Hi There,

Welcome to December!

Merry Christmas

Over Christmas you can indulge a little more than normal, and then your New Years resolution can be to start the year in a fresh way, if your New Year’s resolution involves better health and weight loss.

Are Toxins in your body inhibiting
weight loss and wellness?

For many years at Willesee Healthcare our goal has been to you to better wellness, helping you get better energy allowing your body to heal from within. Even with the best diet and supplements you can still lack energy and hold excess weight.

I recently started a new way of approaching such issues using a nutritional cleansing technique, we have been getting really amazing results!

This condition comes from a deficiency of B6 and Zinc. I have seen amazing changes in people’s lives after identifying their deficiency of Zinc and B6; supplying this vitamin and mineral has helped many to release stress, anxiety and depression to restore a happier healthier life.

Nutritional Cleansing launch party

Wed Jan 14th 6.30pm

Start 2015 with a wellness cleanse!

Contact willeseehealthcare@gmail.com to register to attend.

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