Structural Analysis

At Willesee Healthcare we use Chiropractic for Structural Analysis, below are the reason why chiropractic

Why Chiropractic

Chiropractic originated from the Greek word, “chiropraktikos”, meaning effective treatment of the human body by the human hand itself.

When chiropractic began the techniques were more limited and involved the physical adjustment of spinal subluxations and fixations to allow back pain relief, improved posture and from B.J. Palmer references were always made to “allow the innate intelligence to heal the body”.

Over the last 30 years the original chiropractic techniques have adjusted greatly as Doctors found many reasons back fixations could reoccur. The highest quality service is given when many of these techniques can be used to have a better long term healing effect and allow less fixations in the back to reoccur.


Physically there is a technique we use called Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK). It is a technique using muscle testing to guide us to find weak muscles and related organs, nerves, and subluxations. With is technique we can find if there is Cranial Sacral involvement, or if peripheral adjustments in the limbs and feet are necessary to aid the patient’s full recovery.


If Emotional Stress plays a big part in when pain occurs for a patient the main treatment we are guided to use is NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). It is a technique that uses muscle testing to guide us to what emotions play a large part in physiological reaction in the body. Stimulating the relevant acupuncture points for the patient can have a large effect in reducing the physiological reaction the body has when next feeling that emotion.

Biochemistry can have a big effect on the body’s function and pain; we can Chiro-treatment-blueuse Nutritional Energy Balancing technique to help the body release meridian blockage that may impede full absorption of vital nutritional elements. If it is appropriate we can provide supplements to aid the body’s best recovery.

Often we will use different techniques together to provide the most appropriate method to allow the body every best chance of full recovery.

Following recovery from initial symptoms we aim to maintain the patient’s wellness to our best ability with whatever techniques are required.

What to expect in a consultation

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