What to expect in a consultation

Initial Consultation

This will be a comprehensive consultation where we will have you fill health questionnaires and we will ask many questions to help establish where your condition started. (to NET wellness check maybe link) We will then establish a comprehensive protocol of how we will treat your condition.

The examination will include a physical examination to provide a chiropractic overview of how the body functions, this involves orthopedic, neurological, and muscle testing to aid conclusion if physical or emotional stress and biochemical issues are contributing to the symptoms you are suffering.

In our practice we use Applied Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool alongside physical and neurological tests to see more of a complete picture of where the primary complaint originated.
After your first assessment you will receive a booklet with more information about the techniques we use and the folder will have a protocol of what physical adjustments or what nutritional balancing may be needed to relieve your primary complaint.

Standard Consultations

The next treatments will be standard consultations to improve physical, biochemical and emotional stress issues. We will integrate much education on biochemical conditions, if appropriate additional clinical tests may be arranged such as hair mineral analysis to assess biochemical results more thoroughly.

Often we will advise relevant supplements necessary to obtain optimal health and relief to suffering.
Initial consultations take 45 mins, follow up sessions take 20 mins, if emotional stress is being confronted we may recommend longer sessions to achieve more release in a visit.

We will do our best guiding you to optimal health, improving quality of life and pain relief.