Weight Loss Cleansing


A s your house gathers dust and mould do we ignore it and chose to live in mess? Our instinct is to clean it; doesn’t it always feel great and refreshing after a spring clean?

What about the insides of the body? We may not see them so clearly but signs of gathered toxicities stored in the body result in fatigue, inflammation and weight gain! The more toxins held in the body the more fat and fluid the body holds to dilute or protect it self from the toxins we gather from chemicals, pesticides, and the pollution of everyday life. Weight loss becomes very hard when the liver is overloaded with toxins.

You may be doing the best with healthy eating now, as many do, and not see the energy and weight loss you expected. Excess toxins can make nutrition hard to absorb. It’s a bit like trying to redecorate a dirty house does that work? Have you ever gone in a done a spring clean on the insides of the body?

We have introduced a superfood Nutritional cleansing range in our clinic that uses the best quality nutrition to give what it needs to nourish the body alongside herbal products designed to help rid your body of many impurities. The cleanse includes fasting for one day a week with supplements to cleanse your system.

The results we have seen can be amazing, many clients are currently benefitting, helping them achieve their wellness goals.

If you would like to give your body a spring clean from the insides to see what you can achieve in your better energy, weight loss and allowing the body to heal itself better naturally from within. Read more about nutritional cleansing.