Source the Symptom

Why our practice is so unique is because we take a healing direction that we believe will be the future of healing, our philosophy, whatever your pain or symptoms, we aim to find the root cause of your problem, the source of the symptom.

Traditionally it has been drugs and surgery that are aimed to relieve the symptoms; this is so needed if you suffer an acute or traumatic illness, that’s when we benefit from drugs and surgery. Unfortunately many find their condition has been slowly progressing, often there is a list of complaints that indicates you have a chronic condition.


Any symptom relief approach may relieve the suffering temporarily, yet when the drugs stop it usually hasn’t been resolved, if anything, covering up symptoms will often allow the chronic condition to grow into more issues.

At WIllesee Healthcare we pride ourselves in taking a modern view to source the symptom, we use our Kinesiology assessment and neurological tests with each case to find the source be it structural, nutritional, or if it has been instigated by stress. Then we can customize our healing plan to be what we believe to be most effective to address the root cause and so work fast to relieve the chronic condition you have been suffering.

We use Applied Kinesiological cranial sacral chiropractic work, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), if stress is involved, or if it the root cause has been coming from food intolerances, we will adjust the diet and find digestive healing solutions. Only your body can repair itself, we will customize your treatment to help your body to have access to the tools it needs to repair its suffering, our goal is to restore your health and help you reach complete wellness.