Chronic Fatigue

Do You Suffer these Symptoms?

• Exhaustion
• Insomnia or sleep issues
• Hormonal problems (period problems or excessive weight gain or loss)
• Low Libido
• Loss of motivation for life

Any of these signs can indicate Chronic Fatigue.

Nutritional Deficiencies, Emotional or Toxic Chemical Stress

These symptoms can arise from nutritional deficiencies, emotional or toxic chemical stress the body has suffered.
Nutritional deficiency can be the body blocking full absorption of nutrition. If you eat the best food and take many vitamin and mineral supplements you may need help with the meridian blockage release to allow the body full absorption of the vital nutrition it needs. Nutritional Energy Balancing is a technique we can help you with.

The Effects of Stress

It could have begun with excessive stress in your life, be it chemical or emotional. With our N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) we can help the body release many stresses held in the subconscious. We can guide you to better lifestyle changes that can aim to relieve these stresses.

Chronic-Fatigue-ladyFinally it may be physical, cranial impingement on the endocrine glands can impair their full function. Cranial sacral therapies taken from Chiropractic and A.K. (Applied Kinesiology) techniques can assist the body release any physical pressure obstructing endocrine function.

Many other system dysfunctions can arise from adrenal fatigue such as food intolerances, bowel dysfunction such as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and eczema.




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