Back Pain


Many patients first visit a Chiropractor for back pain. Many Chiropractors will treat the subluxations and fixations to greatly reduce pain and suffering. We certainly do that for our patients, but many report they have previously had many repeat treatments that have not given then long term relief.

We have a variety of treatments to offer that can discover if the repeating problem is physical, maybe many other bones in the body have to be adjusted before full balance can return. The technique of Applied Kinesiology (A.K.) greatly assists us as a muscle testing tool to guide us to where the body has weakness. It may be a Cranial and Sacral issue, including jaw tension, or it may a left over issue in a fixated knee or foot joint. If these issues are not adjusted they may result in reoccurring back pains.

We also incorporate many muscular relief techniques to ensure tight and weak muscles won’t cause the bones to be pulled into the wrong position as soon as the patient leaves the clinic.

If the body shows signs of Emotional stress we can incorporate the technique of NET to aid the body to release stress blockages resulting in muscle tension and eventually body dysfunction.

If it is a Nutritional issue such as a lack of vital minerals or vitamins it may be necessary to use the Nutritional Energy balancing technique as a tool to discover if Meridian blockage is resulting in nutritional deficiency, maybe adjustment in diet and supplements can help release the cause of repeat back pain.

Certainly we endeavor to adjust the body on as many issues as needed to result in the best long term back and body pain relief. That is what are patients are looking for when they first visit.