About us

If you suffering symptoms that have led to physical recurrent pain, sensitivities irritating skin Kate-About-usand body, or if you are just feeling tired all the time, we will search deeper to discover where your problems originate from.

Willesee Healthcare goes beyond symptom relief to find holistic healing for our patients using a 3 dimensional approach that investigates structural, emotional and biochemical blockages that require aid to allow our patient’s conditions to heal. We will find the correct techniques to benefit you the most.

We offer a great variety of chiropractic and kinesiological techniques to help our patient’s heal from within. We then guide them to adjust conditions in their life that may be contributing to their problems. Our practice strives to maintain their health continually as a wellness practice.

Our Practitioners are very experienced to provide you a path for your wellness. We love being a helpful team to get you the treatment needed. Please have a look at our team here Practitioners