Source of the Symptoms

Our greatest mission is to source the symptom of your suffering. Why are you suffering symptoms? We view symptomsSource-of-the-symption as warning signs the body has blockages to access its full healing ability, only your body can heal itself, let us help you find and remove these blockages, allowing faster and full recovery…

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Chronic Fatigue

Why are you tired, stressed or anxious? These are often signs even with the best access, your body mayChronic-Fatigue-women-V2 not be absorbing or using it’s nutrition. We will use many kinesiological and neurological testing methods to find where your body is not efficiently functioning, helping to guide you to full wellness…

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Emotional Issues

Does stress seem to have a big effect on your health? Do evenEmotional-women-V1.0 small issues at home or work leading to migraines or back pain? We help to remove stress from dominating your life. Neuro Emotional Technique can help to discover and release the body’s reflex reaction to stresses…

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Structural Analysis

Why continue to suffer back or body pain? Do you feel what you have back-pain-V4previously treated has returned too often? Our goal is to discover why your issue continues, trust us to fully investigate the source of pain, if it is inflammatory, nutritional blockage may be the source.
It may be structural or the source may be the jaw or skull…

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Weight Loss Cleansing

Have you ever done a nutritional cleanse? Do you suffer roadblocks achieving Weight-Loss-Cleanse-Lady-home-2your health goals and weight loss even when you eat so healthily? Nutritional cleansing can help flush out impurities we gather in the body, toxins locked in the body can so inhibit fat burning and healing from within…

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